Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is meant by a "sanctioned" tournament?

A: A sanctioned tournament is one that is approved by Horseshoe Ontario and only "members" of horseshoe pitching organizations, such as Horseshoe Ontario, Horseshoe Canada and the National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA) are allowed to pitch. In addition, a sanctioned tournament must be open to all classes regardless of age, gender, pitching distance or skill level. Horseshoe pitcher stats for the day are recorded in CANSTATS. In order to play in major tournaments such as the Ontario Singles, Ontario Doubles or the Canadians, a horseshoe pitcher is required to have played a certain number of these sanctioned tournaments first.


Q: What are the specifications for building a horsehoe pit in my backyard?

A: For information on pit construction, check out this link:


Q: Where can I buy horseshoes in Ontario?

A: Here are some resources for you:

  1. M&M Horseshoe Company - These guys sell the M&M horseshoes along with accessories and will ship anywhere.
  2. If you're looking for Elmer Hohl horseshoes, contact Steve Hohl at (226) 996-1249 or email.
  3. There's also Tommy's Shoe Shack who carry over a dozen varieties. Check out the website at
  4. If you want to purchase shoes within the Toronto area, contact Bob Canning at (416) 423-8784.


Q: Do you have a catalogue of your merchandise for sale?

A: Unfortunately, there is no such catalogue since the merchandise for sale changes on an ongoing basis. A certain number of shirts or hats will be ordered and once they're gone, they won't be ordered again (unless there is a huge demand for them). The best thing to do is contact Sheila Leis to see what's currently available. See our Merchandise page for more details.


Q: When I click on the logo, the menu on the left of the screen appears twice? Why is this happening?

A: When you use a search engine and type in your keywords, a list of websites will appear closely matching your search criteria. Some of these results may be not be the main webpage. You might get directly to our Tournaments page or our Ontario Clubs page. When this happens, the menu buttons on the left do not appear on this page that you've found. So, the theory is that when you find this page and want to continue exploring the remainder of the website, you'll look around for a way to get to the main website and you'll eventually click on the logo, which will include the menu bar.

To see how this works, click here to see this page without the menu. This is the page you would come across as a result of a search for something like "horseshoe pitching questions". On the new page that opens up, you'll notice the menu is not there. Now, click on the logo.

So, when you see the menu on the left side of the screen, just don't click on the logo. If you did and two menus appear, just click on any other menu button and this will fix the problem.


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