Horseshoe Pitching Links


Horseshoe Canada - Official website for Horseshoe Canada. They oversee all horseshoe pitching organizations across Canada such as Horseshoe Ontario.

NHPA - The National Horseshoe Pitching Association is the american equivalent of Horseshoe Canada. Comprehensive resource for everything to do with horseshoe pitching.

NATSTATS - The U.S. equivalent of CANSTATS.

British Columbia Horseshoe Association - Here's the group that looks after all affiliated horseshoe pitching clubs in B.C. The webmaster, Sam Tomasevic, is also everyone's friend, as he is the one that keeps CANSTATS up-to-date! Visit his site and sign the guestbook.

M&M Horseshoe Company - Looking for horseshoes? Check out M&M's website for horseshoes and accessories.

iSportsDigest Links - Extensive list of links to webpages that relate to horseshoe pitching.

Washers - Not related to horseshoes, but a really cool game that's gaining popularity. Check it out! - Shop Online in Canadian Dollars.