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The cost of membership per calendar year is $25.00 per player, except for juniors who only pay $1.00. Your membership allows you to play horseshoes in tournaments all over Ontario. Membership also enables you to play in the Canadian Championships and the World's Tournament (as long as you've played in at least four sanctioned tournaments). In fact, your membership card will allow you to play in any tournament in Canada and in the United States provided you have a Horseshoe Ontario average (achieved by playing in sanctioned tournaments).

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To join Horseshoe Ontario, just print and completely fill out the membership form (saved on a separate page for ease of printing) and send it along with a cheque addressed to "Horseshoe Ontario" at the address below, or become an instant member by attending any sanctioned tournament and paying in person.

If you have any questions relating to Horseshoe Ontario membership, please email Terrie.